Your own secured platform of document and data truth between people, organizations, transactions, and marketplaces.

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What is a System of Record?

A system of record is an information storage system that is the authoritative data source for a given document or data. We create a single source of automated trust by connecting digital documents and data to entities, assets, and transactions across multiple organizations.

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Digital Record Management Vaults

Secure your most sensitive documents and data with our distributed ledger-based record management vault storage platform.

UVault is a highly-secured, shared data ecosystem to ensure transparency and immutability of documents and data between authorized parties.

Increase efficiency, lower risks, and reduce costs.

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Immutable Record Governance

A secure portal powered by UVault enables you to safely store any file type in your vault and share it with only those you permit as other vault users or guests based on your business case.

The network ecosystem creates a common governance and management between organizations and users. All vault and record actions are discreetly logged in a common, distributed ledger system.

User access control with highly secure reporting helps lower risk and reducing cost.

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Digitizing Documents & Data

Encode mathematically provable digital document and metadata as highly-secured cryptographic hashes stored on a distributed ledger-based blockchain network.

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Distributed Ledger-Based Records Management

Distributed data ledger core brings the highest security model for ensuring the legitimacy and proof of existence of any document or data.

No single point of failure for the proof system.

Vaults, documents and metadata are recorded onto the immutable ledger as cryptographically secured hash values. This allows to network to prove the version of any document is the true and valid version without exposing the contents of the document.

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Structured Vault System

Parent-child internal vault structure for asset information design & structure.

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Easy Document & Data Types

Unlike other online storage services, UVault comes with high touch support to help guide you through complex information design.

This can be from the most simple wallet to hold a handful of documents, all the way to highly-structured parent-child vaults with taxonomy-based document types.

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White Label Secure User Portals

Customize your organization’s client document interaction with a UVault-based portal.

Your client’s user experience can be tailored with your logo and colors to extend your brand equity. Contact us to learn more about how you personalize your UVaults.

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Enterprise Integration Framework

Effective enterprise data management is about smarter data governance and regulatory compliance. UVault helps integrate and connect legacy platforms with new cloud systems within a secure, API-based framework.

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