10XTS announces another addition to the advisory board, Marvin Abrinica, Founder/CEO of Wunderfund the first FINRA-licensed regulation crowdfunding portal in Ohio.

About Marvin Abrinica

Marvin is the Founder/CEO of Wunderfund, a FINRA certified Regulation Crowdfunding services provider. As a former brand executive for Procter and Gamble, Marvin has extensive experience in marketing and innovation. He worked in brand management, and eventually rose through the ranks to become Senior Manager for R&D Innovation Services. In those roles, Marvin ran an annual budget spend of $375 million, and also led P&G Design Thinking efforts. He was also a leadership trainer and coach for P&G’s internal Leadership Academy.

Marvin earned his undergraduate degree, as well as his MBA in Marketing from University of Cincinnati.

About Wunderfund

Wunderfund is an online portal for the crowdfunding of startups. It’s the first crowdfunding portal in the region licensed by FINRA, which regulates brokers and dealers of securities. Startups will be able to use the portal to raise up to $1 million from investors who could put up as little as $10,000 each without the same registration required to list a company on a public equity exchange.

Marvin Abrinica
Marvin Abrinica, CEO of Wunderfund joins 10XTS Advisory Board

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