Mapping wallets to organizations and governance

XDEX features an advanced blockchain wallet management system, which enables an enterprise level of governance and controls. Additionally, when structured properly, it mitigates the risk of loss of blockchain-based cryptoassets due to passwords being lost or forgotten – a superior advancement over other blockchain frameworks.

For example, the following structure could be created to reflect the weighting and voting of an organization’s governance.

Imagine a company that has a Chief of Financial Officer (CFO) and some departments working for him, such as the Treasurer, Controller, Tax Manager, Accounting, etc.

The company also has a CEO and a COO who want to have spending or asset account privileges. Therefore, we construct an authority for the funds according to the following:

The CEO, COO, and CFO have their own authorities. But, the COO and CFO account could also have multiple depths, representing a cascading hierarchy of organizational structure and weighted decision authority. This would look like the following:

This example schema allows:

  • the CEO to spend funds
  • the CFO to spend funds
  • the COO to spend funds
  • the Treasurer together with Controller to spend funds
  • the Controller or Treasurer together with wither the Tax Manager or Accounting to spend funds.

The weighted vote of various deputy staff members to combine their votes to represent a weighted representation for each department

Hence, any attempt to transact at an arbitrary depth can be spanned to construct a flexible authority model to reflect mostly any business governance use-case.

This multi-signature weighting protocol also enables approval processes for 3rd-party intermediaries such as custodians, trusts, and banks.

More XDEX capabilities

Asset Transfers & Payments

XDEX has the ability to send and receive assets to and from any account on the network. Each account can send tokens from their authenticated network wallet to any other named wallet account across the XDEX Network within seconds.


Blockchain Ledger

The core production XDEX Network blockchain is a decentralized protocol based on Delegated Proof of Stake consensus (DPoS).


Document Types

The basic unit of record data in XDEX is the document type, which gets assigned to each document loaded into the network.


Event Logging

XDEX logs and hashes every discreet event at every level across the network to provide immutable tracking of who did what, when, and where.


Key Management & Custody

XDEX has a robust certificate-based key management system that provides users with the ability to import and manage public and private keys for key signing and access control function.



Metadata defines extended information about documents and data objects that enables powerful functions and capabilities.


OCR Processing

XDEX can be configured to automatically runs basic OCR (optical character recognition) on documents imported into the system.



The XDEX Advanced Search system allows network-wide searching of documents, document content, vaults, metadata, users and more.


Trading Engine

XDEX Trading Engine module powers a protocol-based marketplace function built on top of the consensus and operations layer of the XDEX Network blockchain.


Workflow States & Transitions

With the addition of state actions and transition triggers, the workflows in XDEX are no longer just informative but can be part of your actual business automation process.