While the XDEX metadata layer is technically public blockchain agnostic, at the native core is an industrial strength Delegated Proof-of-Stake distributed ledger to provide the foundation for a data consortium of interconnected, cooperative partners operating a common audit chain. These partners can support the distributed ledger data ecosystem through the operation of server nodes.

The core production XDEX Network blockchain is a decentralized protocol based on Delegated Proof of Stake consensus (DPoS). DPoS powers half of the transactions of all blockchains in existence. Also one of the fastest, it can scale beyond VISA transaction or NASDAQ trade volumes to 100k transactions/second with the network infrastructure to support it.

When paired with a separate audit chain ledger for reporting and metadata storage, XDEX is one of the most advanced, enterprise-grade blockchain frameworks.

The immutability and security provided by XDEX ensures data availability across multiple organizations and industry value chains.