Identity & Investor Verification Repository – Maintain investor suitability and accredited status verification documents for compliance. The identity document system is integrated into the access control and event logging for bank process identity management — which can include storing internal communication about verification processes to help in the event of a forensic lookback.

Verification Workflow Logging – Provide a single source of truth for master records for all verification workflow processes with approval logging.

Integration with 3rd Party Vendors – Integrate with 3rd party identity verification and KYC services to capture and store individual investor records from external cloud providers. Ensure ongoing compliance – by legal definition, KYC isn’t a one-time event!

Public Cryptocurrency Network Wallet Support – Attach public key wallet addresses to identities and accounts for regulatory compliance and industry interoperability. Every account can be controlled by any weighted combination of other accounts and private keys to create a hierarchical structure that reflects how permissions are organized in real life.