XDEX Records Management Blockchain Oracle

Regulated Digital Assets

10XTS provides a governance, risk, and compliance metadata infrastructure to help automate and synchronize regulatory digital asset information across global capital markets.

XDEX is a distributed ledger technology ecosystem that embeds jurisdictional rules, supervisory, and compliance into any Layer 1 blockchain token or smart contract. 

The XDEX Platform

XDEX Assets

Tokenize your securities and assets with the most secure and robust regulatory compliant asset and securities tokenization engine in the market today.


XDEX Enterprise

For institutions that need to integrate regulated digital assets and securities with their enterprise, XDEX is the foundation.


XDEX Markets

XDEX Markets extends XDEX Assets to integrate with third-party capital markets and financial institutions.


XDEX Network

The core blockchain network operating beneath the XDEX Network is a private, permissioned MIT-licensed Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus protocol.


More About XDEX

Discover more about XDEX and how it can help accelerate your compliant approach to adopting digital asset securities.