XDEX - Record Management Cloud for Capital Markets

Next Generation Records Management for Capital Markets

We connect business documents & data to the blockchain

360º Asset Information

XDEX aggregates all your asset documents, trading, order, communication, market and reference information and data into a single API-connected, blockchain-based platform to simplify and secure every activity and interaction.

With all of your data connected in a single place, record-keeping is almost effortless. Because XDEX is cloud-based, costs are kept to a minimum.

XDEX Connects Documents and Data to the Blockchain

Connecting Capital Markets

XDEX enables a shared document, information and metadata governance ecosystem between related actors to ensure transparency and immutability of entities, assets, and transactions — lowering risk and reducing cost.

XDEX Benefits

  • Confidential – Sensitive, contractual information is only ever shared with parties entitled to see it. Parties can be assured that they are notified of all events affecting them.
  • Auditable – Institutions and their regulators can comply with reporting and compliance requirements in real-time, rather than days or weeks after transactions are completed.
  • Analyzable – Financial institutions can run reports against an historical record of all previous agreements and analyze all future potential positions based on current agreements.
  • Extensible – XDEX serves as a common foundation which can be extended with additional functionality, entirely new product lines or even to power other markets.
  • Zero Reconciliation – Continuous and distributed data integrity removes the need and cost of reconciling between multiple parties automatically and in real-time.
  • Common Workflows – Market rules and common business workflows are replicated and independently verified by every party involved in an agreement to ensure systems are never out of sync.
  • Lower Costs – Reduce administrative costs for audits, filings, and transactions to pennies
  • Automated Regulatory Compliance — Reduce Reconciliation Costs. Provide transparency and automated regulatory compliance. Full window into all market data and transactions

XDEX Framework

How can XDEX benefit you?

We are engaging in pilot launches of XDEX with select partners


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