XDEX Digital Asset Compliance Network

The Problem

Capital markets are weighed down with inefficient, fragmented, time-consuming, manually-intensive and document-heavy processes.

Redundancy across expensive, proprietary systems that don’t integrate with other platforms creates lower ROI.

Trusting information is still mostly another human being vouching for the authenticity of documents and data, which get replicated, hacked, lost, outdated, and even forged or intentionally destroyed to cover up fraudulent activity.

The Solution

XDEX automates trust as a financial record automation and compliance network that securely connects digital documents, information and data about identities, entities, assets, and transactions across a protocol-based distributed, permissioned global blockchain ecosystem.

By creating a single source of mathematically verifiable truth, records can be secured, governed, authenticated and traced like never before.

XDEX is an immutable, single source of documents, data, and information that eliminates the risks and redundancies between people, organizations, assets, and transactions.

The effort to audit and vouch for information as a form of trust can now be standardized and automated — even across global legal jurisdictions.

XDEX The Global Financial Record Network

Governance, Compliance & Automation

XDEX is a shared financial record automation and compliance network that connects all of your financial information, documents, metadata, payments, trading, order, communication, market and reference information into a highly-secured, API-connected, blockchain-based framework.

XDEX connects, simplifies, logs, and secures every activity and interaction across global jurisdictions — lowering risks and reducing costs.

XDEX helps people become better-organized and prepared for the most transformative evolutions coming to global marketplaces, banking and even money itself.


Cloud SaaS version allows subscription users to leverage the powerful features of XDEX.

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XDEX Enterprise

Enterprise integration and development stack for customization and white label deployment.

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XDEX Network

Global XDEX blockchain network consortium to decentralize and govern the data ecosystem.


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