XDEX connects entities, assets, and transactions

Financial Asset Information Governance Platform

XDEX is a distributed ledger-based digital asset record management platform for capital markets participants.

Connecting Capital Markets

XDEX enables a shared document, information and metadata ecosystem to ensure transparency and immutability of entities, assets, and transactions — lowering risk and reducing cost.

XDEX connects capital markets participants

XDEX is a distributed ledger-based digital asset management platform for organizations to manage entity, asset, and transaction documents, information, and metadata.

The XDEX Enterprise Cloud connects identity, permissions, applications, and data with the XDEX ledger underneath.

To facilitate a standards-based compliance methodology, XDEX uses an XML-based data set for all blockchain information and reporting.

XDEX Benefits

  • Confidential – Sensitive, contractual information is only ever shared with parties entitled to see it. Parties can be assured that they are notified of all events affecting them.
  • Auditable – Institutions and their regulators can comply with reporting and compliance requirements in real-time, rather than days or weeks after transactions are completed.
  • Analyzable – Financial institutions can run reports against an historical record of all previous agreements and analyze all future potential positions based on current agreements.
  • Extensible – CommuniBond serves as a common foundation which can be extended with additional functionality, entirely new product lines or even to power other markets.
  • Zero Reconciliation – Continuous and distributed data integrity removes the need and cost of reconciling between multiple parties automatically and in real-time.
  • Common Workflows – Market rules and common business workflows are replicated and independently verified by every party involved in an agreement to ensure systems are never out of sync.
  • Lower Costs – Reduce administrative costs for audits, filings, and transactions to pennies
  • Automated Regulatory Compliance — Reduce Reconciliation Costs. Provide transparency and automated regulatory compliance. Full window into all market data and transactions

Jurisdiction-based Information Record Management

Governments provide the rules and requirements for documents and the governance of entities, assets, and transactions. Specific documents and information will vary across global, national, state & local jurisdictions.

XDEX uses a taxonomy-based set of metadata classifications to identify, tag, secure and index documents and information to establish a common document and data schema between organizations.

XDEX Government Jurisdiction Metadata

Government entities provide the necessary legal documentation, regulatory filings and other information records.

  • Licensing
  • Reporting
  • Filing
  • Compliance
  • Identity
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Custody
  • Etc…
XDEX Entity Documents & Metadata

An entity may be a person or an organization. Different documents and metadata define each of these.

  • Government ID
  • Passport
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Consent of the Board
  • Etc…
XDEX Asset Documentation

The documents and information defining an asset in the real world has many different kinds of records depending upon the asset class and jurisdiction.

  • Share Authorizations
  • Limited Partnership Agreements
  • Deeds & Titles
  • Depository Receipts
  • Etc…
XDEX Transaction Data Management for Capital Markets

Every transaction between two entities involves some exchange of value — which creates real-world documentation. Each jurisdiction, entity, and asset establishes the required documentation & data, along with compliance & reporting.

  • Real estate purchase agreement
  • Shareholder subscription agreement
  • Loan agreement
  • Buy-Sell agreement
  • Etc…

Core XDEX System Features

XDEX Secure Document Vault

First step: Documents & extended metadata are assembled and stored in a structured folder tree in a vault on XDEX. This encrypted, secure digital vault stores information for each entity, asset, and transaction.

As each document and metadata record is added to the vault, it is hashed and added to the index of the vault contents. When vault contents are finalized, the vault admin permanently locks the record, which is hashed and recorded on the ledger.

The encrypted binaries and hashes are permanently logged to the distributed ledger as a secure, immutable data record.

XDEX Document Vault Features

  • Document versioning.
    • Store many versions of the same document, download or revert to a previous version.
  • Electronic signature verification.
    • Check the authenticity of documents by verifying their embedded cryptographic signatures or upload detached signatures for document signed after they were stored.
  • Collaboration tools.
    • Discuss documents, or comment on new versions of a document.
  • Office document format support.
    • XDEX can detect the presence of Libre Office and use it to support word processing files, spreadsheets and presentations.
  • User defined metadata fields.
    • Several metadata fields can be matched to a document type as per technical, legal or structural requirements such as the Dublin core.
  • Dynamic default values for metadata.
    • Metadata fields can have an initial value, which can be static or determined by a template code snippet provided by the user.
  • Documents can be uploaded from different sources.
    • Local file or server side file uploads, multifunctional copier, or even via email.
  • Batch upload many documents with the same metadata.
    • Clone a document’s metadata for speedier uploads and eliminate repetitive data entry.
  • Previews for many file formats.
    • XDEX Vault provides image preview generation for many popular file formats.
  • Full text searching.
    • Documents can be searched by their text content, their metadata or any other file attribute such as name, extension, etc.
  • Configurable document grouping.
    • Automatic linking of documents based on metadata values or document properties.
  • Roles support.
    • It is possible to create an unlimited amount of different roles not being restricted to the traditional admin, operator, guest paradigm.
  • Fine grained permissions system.
    • There is a permission for every atomic operation performed by users.
  • Multi page document support.
    • Multiple page PDF and TIFF files are supported.
  • Automatic OCR processing.
    • The task of transcribing text from documents via OCR can be distributed among several physical or virtual computers to decrease load and increase availability.
  • Multilingual user interface.
    • XDEX is written using the Python Django framework, can be translated to practically any language spoken in the world. For a list of translated languages have a look at the Transifex project location.
  • Multilingual OCR support.
    • The current language of the document is passed to the corresponding OCR engine to increase the text recognition rate.
  • Plugable storage backends.
    • Plugins to connect with storage clouds.
  • Color coded tags.
    • Labeled and color coded tags can be assigned for intuitive recognition.
  • Workflows.
    • Keep track of the state of documents, along with the log of the previous state changes.
XDEX Digital Asset Management

Assets are generated as mathematically encoded digital hash values on the XDEX permissioned distributed ledger blockchain. Corresponding asset document vaults are attached to the hash token schema.

As assets are issued, recorded, transferred, and traded in the real world, the XDEX network becomes the immutable accounting record with provable documentation & data across multiple organizations and their own information management processes.

Permission to access asset document & information may be discreetly granted and/or revoked by authorized accounts with every action logged to the distributed ledger for audit purposes.

XDEX Asset Market Data

Account-based asset portfolios can record purchase and sale data of discreet assets.

Asset transaction data is encoded on the ledger and can enable uses like accurate price discovery without exposing any details about the associated entities and assets.

XDEX can be integrated with external trading platforms and exchanges to automatically capture trade data.

Discreet governance & permissioning across common shared data layer enables foundation for advanced analytics and machine learning.

XDEX Distributed Ledger Logging

Distributed logging of account activity between organizations.

Real-time dashboard explorer of blockchain block writing activity by decentralized witness server nodes.

Monitor health of blockchain network across participant organizations to assure data security & integrity.

How can XDEX benefit you?

We are engaging in pilot launches of XDEX with select partners


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