The Extended Index

XDEX powers more fluid markets, broader distribution of assets, and more opportunity for everyone.

XDEX, the Extended Index

What is XDEX?

XDEX is a Web3 based information governance, risk, and compliance records metadata network and software ecosystem.

XDEX provides the core foundation to build truly interoperable, secured information and data about identities, entities, assets, and transactions between issuers, investors, and capital markets institutions.

How Does XDEX Work?

At the core of XDEX is a data model that embeds jurisdictional rules, supervisory, and compliance into any smart contract or controllable electronic record (CER).

All of your documents, e-signatures, payment records, workflow logs, transactions, and approvals are easily ingested into XDEX and embedded into smart contracts and digital assets to ensure interoperability between organizations.

The body of metadata is indexed and categorized as a standard, taxonomy-based system that can be further exposed to other networks via API webhooks, that are subsequently consumed by smart contracts on the chain network.

Authorized smart contracts and controllable electronic records on any external distributed ledger can send and retrieve data to and from XDEX through authenticated API calls as an oracle.

Business records, documents, metadata, workflows, and governance remain mathematically provable, consistent, and intact between any other institution.

XDEX Core Products

Explore how XDEX is delivered to meet the needs of clients and users.

Build your controllable electronic record form of programmable real world asset or security instrument with the most advanced framework in the industry.
Easy Institutional Governance, Risk, and Compliance Records Metadata Interoperability for Digital Assets & Securities, and Capital Markets.