Blockchain continues to transform capital and investments with the adoption of Tokenized Securities, Assets, DeFi, and NFTs.

Securities issuers, custodians, brokers, transfer agents, banks and regulators must have a comprehensive data solution to define and enforce information governance, risk, and compliance across decentralized primary and secondary securities market infrastructure.

XDEX is a fully secure, cloud-native and open API enterprise technology platform that decentralizes financial market infrastructure. 

XDEX is designed to support modern, decentralized primary and secondary financial market infrastructure requirements that can run in parallel to your enterprise systems.

With XDEX, you can achieve better data ownership, governance, risk and compliance by unifying data from multiple disparate sources into an easily consumable and accessible platform that can be securely embedded into smart contracts as an oracle solution.

By creating a single repository of all structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, you can ensure information control and ownership as your assets move throughout a global decentralized market infrastructure. 

XDEX Records Management Blockchain Oracle Network

How Does XDEX Work?

Business metadata and governance is captured and stored in a single source of truth repository and then hashed as cryptographic information within XDEX.

The body of metadata is indexed and categorized as a standard, taxonomy-based system that can be further exposed to public blockchains via an API to be consumed by smart contracts on the chain.

Authorized smart contracts and tokens on public chains can send and retrieve data to and from XDEX through authorized API calls as an oracle system as they move throughout the global, decentralized market ecosystem.

Smart contracts and tokens can be generated on any common public chain network ecosystem for use across the global capital market infrastructure.

All parties related to any market activity may utilize the smart contract or token within their own business process while ensuring business documents, metadata, workflows, and governance remain consistent and intact across post trade market settlement across any jurisdiction.

Who Benefits from XDEX?

Corporate Issuers

Investment Banks

Broker Dealers



Asset Managers



Transfer Agents

Law Firms

Accounting & Internal Controls

What are the Benefits?

  • Lower cost of funding due to wider global investment base
  • Greater secondary market liquidity
  • Lower transaction costs and/or direct participation in capital markets
  • Opportunities for new lines of business in governing decentralized platforms and smart contracts
  • Opportunities for stablecoin distribution and payment systems
  • New lines of business from emergence of new asset classes and parallel markets
  • Cost savings from streamlined or automated processes and operations
  • Preserve business by providing clients with access to digital securities markets
  • Greater market intelligence
  • Stronger data ownership and governance
  • New lines of business from emergence of new asset classes and parallel markets
  • Cost savings from streamlined or
    automated processes and operations
  • Capital/liquidity savings from more
    flexible settlement
  • Avoid loss of business from greater market concentration in over-the-counter markets
  • Streamlined & automated compliance and examinations