Distributed Ledger Technology for Early Stage Funding Capital Markets

XDEX is a Trust-enabled Network

XDEX is a next-generation Blockchain-as-a-Service ecosystem to help real-world organizations transform and grow

As a turn-key, cloud-based, Blockchain-as-a-Service software framework, XDEX is a commercial-grade platform that provides enterprises with the full ecosystem necessary to leverage immutable, secure distributed ledger services & transactions without the challenges and risks associated with public cryptocurrency networks.

XDEX makes it easy to integrate and develop applications with an underlying blockchain technical protocol – without all the complexities of creating and maintaining the blockchain itself.



The XDEX decentralized network allows you to exchange value faster and more economical than ever before.



XDEX is fundamentally secure. Enterprise-grade cryptography and distributed ledger makes XDEX a secure solution for transactions, permission management, and data storage.



The core XDEX blockchain network is always online and available across a global network of nodes to eliminate the possibility of data loss.



Transaction data stored in the XDEX ledger is permanent and cannot be altered. Seamless data across organizational boundaries can be trusted.

Compliant Asset Token Blockchain-as-a-Service Ecosystem

XDEX enables smart business leaders to incorporate the power of a cloud-based, distributed ledger blockchain into their strategic business growth and information systems and data strategy — while ensuring security, governance, compliance and risk assurance.

Governance, integrity, and quality assurance are key attributes missing from current blockchain technology — mainly due to the inherent limitations of most blockchain projects, which were never architected with the features required by enterprise.

XDEX has been architected to address the issues preventing blockchain from being adopted by mainstream enterprise users. XDEX is structured to deliver greater security, efficiency, performance, and scalability.

The XDEX ecosystem also leverages the efficiencies of its protocol infrastructure to incentivize its perpetual operation and expansion as a reliable data utility.

The result is an interconnected system of digital value built on sound principles — and ideally suited to attract mainstream enterprises and users around the world.

What is XDEX?

Who are potential users of XDEX?

XDEX Compliance Framework

How is XDEX different from other distributed ledger technology platforms?

XDEX Platform Features

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