XDEX Information Governance, Risk, and Compliance Layer

XDEX is an API-based Web3 Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) records management software and metadata data layer for distributed ledgers and blockchains that connects mathematically provable documents, workflows, and metadata with identities, entities, assets, and transactions.

XDEX Records Management Blockchain Oracle Network

What is XDEX?

As a Web3 solution, XDEX helps non-technical people and organizations access automation of trust by helping organize blockchain and distributed ledger networks into user-friendly record repository libraries of documents and metadata.


XDEX Features

XDEX offers a rich set of application layer features to deploy governance, risk, and compliance focused records solutions.


XDEX Network

The core blockchain network operating beneath the XDEX Network is a private, permissioned MIT-licensed Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) consensus protocol.


XDEX Network Governance

Learn more about the governance plans for the XDEX network as the platform continues to develop and evolve into a widely-adopted global solution.


XDEX Privacy

XDEX is a permissioned system, meaning that all participating XDEX Network node operators are known and documented. Additionally, user accounts must be verified and approved by a certified registrar authority