XDEX Association members may consume the cloud layer and integrate with XDEX Network to extend their current enterprise line of business applications and digital platforms into the XDEX ecosystem.

The fully-deployed XDEX Enterprise node will expose a comprehensive API management platform. This includes creating and testing APIs and connecting their implementation code to back end systems.

It also includes securing access to those APIs and managing them in production whether they are accessed from a system of engagement application, systems of record application, or other type of application. This is in addition to making them available on a self-service developer portal for application developers to use.

Deployed as a Microsoft Azure managed stack, XDEX Enterprise connects line of business applications and data with the XDEX Network underneath.

The following principles embody the XDEX Enterprise strategy:

  1. Accelerate development by decoupling / exposing XDEX Network functionality as a reusable set of APIs for consumption.
  2. Innovate with digital applications or rapid deployment and quick creation of a system of engagement to new channels.
  3. Provide secure and controlled access to XDEX Network APIs in a hybrid cloud environment where the likes of mobile or IoT applications on a public cloud can also consume exposed APIs.
  4. Enable a consortium ecosystem with a wider community of external developers and partners who will publish and consume XDEX Network APIs beyond enterprise boundaries.
  5. Monetize existing and new data and algorithms while enabling new business models.


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