xtsCore is a modular fintech software and data framework to enable line of business process automation for capital markets and financial services. It is a suite of distributed data ledger-first application modules deployed as a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) model.

The technical details about xtsCore are really nerdy and mind numbing for most humans — but it can help you do things like power the issuance, management, trade and reporting of digitized assets and instruments such as private equity, fund partnership units, loans, bonds, structured notes, etc…

It can also do things like help you re-engineer your internal workflow management systems so you can lower costs and increase capacity. Maybe you’ve been thinking about launching a new client-facing interface or portal to deliver new products. xtsCore can help you do these kinds of things.

Through integration with your existing systems and data, you can utilize xtsCore to quickly deploy new digital-first management processes. You can even build new products and enable sales and operations teams with new business lines.

Our approach helps reduce risk, speeds delivery, and lowers future technical debt.



xtsCore - Building Blocks for Fintech Solutions


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