The xtsWallet is a secure access point for users to access relevant data stored within xtsChain-based application. Through the xtsWallet, users may also interact with the global ledger state by way of signing transactions. The xtsWallet is a cryptographic web-based software client with the front end running on the user’s desktop as an installable application, or within the user’s web browser. The Platform Wallet uses an application server backend hosted on an internet web server.

The xtsWallet serves as a user’s point of entry into an xtsChain-based platform. Each xtsWallet account links a user to their accounts and assets. It is used to connect with personal data, including KYC and AML information. Users authenticated through the xtsWallet can access their relevant data from the global xtsChain blockchain state – balances from vaults, license purchases, history of transactions etc.

xtsWallet will rely upon on two-factor authentication to ensure a secure login for end users. In some cases, depending on the function of the account, the xtsWallet may also utilize a cryptographic hardware store for managing keys and securely signing blockchain transactions.

When signing transactions, the user’s private key is never transmitted across the internet to the network.


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