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Michael Hiles

Michael Hiles is founder & CEO of 10XTS. He regularly writes and speaks about digital transformation, information governance, risk and compliance, government systems, blockchain, and regulatory policy. His D&D character alignment is chaotic good and he keeps a pretty lit collection of Spotify playlists.

Tokenized Securities and the Three Step Process

Tokenized Securities and the Three-Step Process

Tokenized securities are already bringing efficiency to the market with the SEC no action letter outlining the Three-Step Process for trading and settlement.

Decentralizing DTC and Market Infrastructure With Blockchain

Blockchain technology now enables a mathematically provable, highly-secure T+0 settlement between two parties without the need for an intermediary account model.

Tokenized Securities Markets Show Tremendous Promise, But Still Have Problems

Even though blockchain represents a great opportunity to drive transformation in capital markets, there are still a lot of problems with digital securities.
The Banking-as-a-Service Opportunity for Traditional Banks

The Banking-as-a-Service Opportunity for Traditional Banks

As fintech firms became known for lower friction and an enhanced customer experience, financial institutions and companies from other industries began exploring how to offer financial services virtually.
Legality of Blockchain Records

The Legality of Blockchain Records

Based on other language in various legislation relating to blockchain, determining the genuineness of the author of a record may prove challenging since in public, permissionless blockchains do not provide an explicit and stable link between a transacting address and a legal or real-world entity.

Liquidity Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Illiquidity

XDEX creates an opportunity to transform illiquid real estate properties into an asset class that can behave more closely to liquid assets.
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