Asset Tokenization Lifecycle Process

Considering a tokenized asset or securities offering?

Thinking about tokenizing an asset or security offering?

There’s a better way than just giving all your data away to financial or service provider intermediaries, which is really no better than Wall Street 1.0.

We’ve created the Asset Tokenization Lifecycle Process (ATLP), which is an easy to understand model for securities issuers and asset owners to follow when launching a tokenization project. In fact, it’s the playbook we use when helping clients launch their tokenized offering.

Rather than lock up your asset tokens within the walled garden of a service provider ecosystem, the ATLP helps issuers understand the steps that must be taken in order to maintain ownership of your data and comply with regulations – while accessing the emerging global decentralized capital markets to raise money and obtain liquidity.

Best part of it is, the ATLP doesn’t focus on a particular public layer one chain, nor does it require you to be an expert in securities laws or technology to plan your project.

And you can choose how you want to access markets and liquidity on your own terms regardless of how portals and service providers might take advantage of what you may not know.

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