About 10XTS

Founded in 2017, our global team comprises a unique combination of banking, financial industry and capital markets executives, data scientists, information architects, software developers, public administrators, and regulatory compliance experts. We are obsessed with creating solutions our clients and partners love.

Our Philosophy

Helping Individuals

We believe in empowering individuals with more equitable access to global wealth creation opportunities in a secure, transparent, and efficient manner.

Helping Private Industry

We want to help industry create more efficient ways to raise and optimize capital, boost liquidity, increase governance and compliance while reducing risks.

Helping Governments

We build powerful, new ways for government agencies and departments to make more efficient use of limited resources while delivering more services with a better framework for standardized compliance, consumer protections, and regulatory oversight.

Helping Society

We believe in responsible innovation that builds a more resilient, just, and inclusive future.

What We Build

Our core innovation is a blockchain-based governance, risk, and compliance records management oracle network called XDEX. It adds what’s missing to blockchain to make the technology broadly useful as infrastructure for things like capital markets and financial services. But certainly applicable in many other industries.

For capital markets and finance, XDEX becomes a full lifecycle digital securities administration solution that empowers securities offering sponsors to maintain data independence while ensuring standardization of records, documents and data  under their own governance, risk, and compliance framework across digital capital markets.

XDEX Records Management Blockchain Oracle Network