Who We Are

Founded in 2017, our global team comprises a unique combination of banking, financial industry and capital markets executives, data scientists, information architects, software developers, public administrators, and regulatory compliance experts. We are obsessed with creating solutions our clients and partners love.

Our Vision

At 10XTS, we envision a world where individuals, private industries, governments, and societies all thrive in harmony through equitable access to global financial opportunities, optimized capital management, efficient resource utilization, and responsible innovation. We are dedicated to transforming the financial ecosystem with our groundbreaking solutions that foster financial inclusion, transparency, and security for all stakeholders.

Our Value Commitments

Helping Individuals: Empowering a Financially Inclusive Future

We are committed to democratizing financial access and empowering individuals to partake in wealth creation opportunities, regardless of their background or location. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology, we aim to break down barriers to financial inclusion and provide everyone with the tools they need to securely and transparently participate in the global economy. 

Our focus on sustainability ensures that our solutions foster a positive impact on the lives of our end users, making financial success an attainable reality for all.

Helping Private Industry: Accelerating Growth and Efficiency

At 10XTS, we believe in creating innovative solutions that enable private industries to raise and optimize capital, increase liquidity, and enhance governance and compliance while mitigating risks. By aligning our solutions with sustainability frameworks, we ensure that our clients not only meet regulatory requirements but also adopt sustainable practices that contribute to long-term business success. 

Our commitment to helping private industries thrive extends to fostering collaboration, promoting transparency, and enhancing value creation for all stakeholders.

Helping Governments: Building Trust and Efficiency through Technology

We are dedicated to providing government agencies and departments with powerful, innovative solutions that enable them to make more efficient use of limited resources, deliver better services, and establish a robust framework for standardized compliance, consumer protection, and regulatory oversight. 

By integrating sustainability principles into our solutions, we help governments create sustainable, resilient, and transparent systems that foster trust and collaboration between public institutions, private industries, and citizens alike.

Helping Society: Shaping a Resilient, Just, and Inclusive Future

At the core of our mission is the belief in responsible innovation that contributes to a more equitable and sustainable world. We recognize the power technology holds to shape our collective future, and we are committed to developing solutions that address pressing social and environmental challenges while fostering economic growth.

By embedding sustainability principles into our technology and operations, we ensure that our impact on society is positive, inclusive, and forward-looking.

What We Build

XDEX is an information governance, risk, and compliance records metadata network and software ecosystem for capital markets securities issuers, investors, and institutions.  

As an audit layer, XDEX automates the interoperability of information about entities, identities, assets, and transactions across regulated global capital markets.