Solutions By Industry

We provide distributed information governance, risk, and compliance solutions for distributed financial and capital markets.

Audit & Internal Controls

Auditors and compliance professionals can enhance internal controls to improve effectiveness and efficiency of operations; accuracy, consistency, and reliability of financial and other reporting; and, compliance with applicable laws and regulations.



Discover more about how we specifically enable advanced technology services for regulated banking institutions.

Distributed Governance, Risk and Compliance Solutions for Capital Markets

Capital Markets

Our unified approach to delivering information governance, risk and compliance-focused solutions addresses many broad problems across a diverse set of markets and assets.


Government & Public Sector

We architect and build advanced GovTech and RegTech solutions for records and data management, case management, workflow, and compliance reporting and examination.


Law Firms

We provide tools for law firms and legal services to help their clients facilitate governance, risk, and compliance of records and information, workflow processes, and legal documentation for blockchain-based assets and transactions.


Real Estate

We help transform the full lifecycle of the entire retail buying and selling marketplace, the investment process, streamlining payments and property transfers, tokenizing securities and property assets, as well as digitization deeds, titles, liens, leases, purchase agreements, insurance policies.