A common platform powers many different solutions across multiple participants and asset classes.

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Power your institution's digital and innovation directives with building blocks to service the entire business suite.

Aggregate records for easy compliance reporting and audit. Establish a proof of digital data for e-filing and public reporting. eDiscovery response automation.

Provide clients with a branded document vault to secure confidential matters. Leverage an advanced deal room for transactions. Connect your own document management platform.

10XTS Solutions for Opportunity Zone Funds and Investors help to ensure the security and trust for limited partners for the full lifecycle of the 10 year investment. We automate and secure the evidence of the asset, investment transactions - as

Secure your public record data. Provide agencies and departments with an immutable, highly secure common storage system. Connect your constituents with a secure portal.

Protect buyer and seller information. Create a branded storage vault to contain all of the necessary documents and data for a transaction and closing. Connect all parties to the transaction including 3rd party service providers.

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xtsCore - Building Blocks for Fintech Solutions


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