Staying competitive means planning and executing leading strategies based on innovation and transformation in a rapidly evolving market.

10XTS helps you architect, develop, and implement successful business software, cloud, data and blockchain solutions. We deliver a seamless portfolio of end-to-end business and technical services to help you leverage opportunities in the market and accelerate growth.

From strategic road-mapping to technical implementation, our world-class team is ready to guide you towards success.

Blockchain Business Consulting

Trying to determine the opportunity for blockchain for your organization? Want to understand the impact of the technology on you and your industry?

Distributed transaction computing is emerging as the next major phase of business transformation. Our business consulting services provide the strategic capability for organizations to determine the best way to leverage the evolutionary potential of blockchain technology.

The 10XTS team will conduct an existing technology platform assessment, identify ways to optimize, evaluate the marketplace for potential opportunities, and recommend a roadmap for rapid business implementation.

Opportunity Evaluation

10XTS provides a full evaluation of external market, internal and IT operations to help assess the opportunity for blockchain for your organization. Leveraging our market research and situational awareness with the rapidly expanding blockchain world, we help identify, define, and validate your business case.

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Blockchain Strategy

10XTS will deliver a business model considering a fully-developed future state for your organization that includes infrastructure, governance, business process and platform functions. This includes impact analysis, technical architecture, and even potential intellectual property. We will deliver the necessary business and product development perspectives, along with a comprehensive launch strategy that includes your target market, your existing client base, your value proposition, and your pricing model.

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Risk Assessment

Maintaining a competitive position in the market means understanding the impact of blockchain’s disruptive potential. 10XTS will evaluate how internal and external adoption of blockchain can affect your organization’s operational and financial risks.

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Designing your cryptoeconomic model is one of the most important foundations for the rest of your success. Whether it is a currency, utility, or other asset, our team will ensure your token architecture meets the needs of your financial constituents, your token application user market, as well as the watchful eye of the regulators mandating compliance. Whether it’s the token float economics of the application network, or the integration with end user features, we deliver a token issuance model to satisfy the business use case.

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Asset Tokenization

10XTS helps tokenize real-world assets with the blockchain. A tokenized asset is one where a blockchain corollary has been created and bound to the tangible asset through legal and/or physical structures. Tokenized assets become easily traded and exchanged with the guarantee of chain of custody and immutable transaction history. We help create the necessary framework to connect blockchain tokens to the real world.

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Regulatory Compliance

Blockchain technology and the use of tokens for various purposes is new, and subject to regulatory risk. Depending upon the intended use case for your token, we can assist you in establishing the best route for regulatory compliance. With our legal partners, we can refer you to compliance and governance expertise to ensure that your project is properly conducted within the established boundaries of the law.

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Blockchain Technology Consulting

Need to implement a distributed computing solution? Do you want to launch a proof-of-concept (PoC) blockchain application for your organization? Want to enhance existing applications? Launching a new startup and need product development?

10XTS specializes in software and data technology engineering. From architecture, to devops and software engineering, our team creates enerprise-grade solutions. As seasoned developers, we bring full lifecycle management to mitigate risks and ensure every project’s success.

Blockchain Architecture & Scope

Based upon the business requirement analysis, the 10XTS team will create a comprehensive enterprise architecture plan that includes functional and technical scope.

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Devops & Cybersecurity

Launching a blockchain software platform creates many additional considerations for application and network protocol security. The 10XTS team specializes in security, cloud ,and devops capabilities, ensuring compliance and governance requirements are met.

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Blockchain Application Development

The 10XTS team has its roots in the enterprise custom software development space. We actually ship code, which is a major hurdle for many organizations. Our agile delivery process ensures the highest level of product engineering and lifecycle management. Efficiency in code delivery impacts overall costs. We prefer a flexible agile approach to ensure the most nimble and adaptive environment for our client stakeholders.

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Enterprise Software Integration

Ensuring a stable, production application requires integration — complete with ongoing, routine support. We provide technical integration, migration, and maintenance to keep the application secure and working for users. Support doesn’t stop with the tech though. We provide full documentation and end-user training for maximum impact.

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