We’ve created the Asset Tokenization Lifecycle Process (ATLP), which is an easy to understand model for securities issuers and asset owners to follow when launching a tokenization project. In fact, it’s the playbook we use when helping clients launch their tokenized offering.

Rather than lock up your asset tokens within the walled garden of a service provider ecosystem, the ATLP helps issuers understand the steps that must be taken in order to maintain ownership of your data and comply with regulations – while accessing the emerging global decentralized capital markets to raise money and obtain liquidity.

Best part of it is, the ATLP doesn’t focus on a particular public layer one chain, nor does it require you to be an expert in securities laws or technology to plan your project.

And you can choose how you want to access markets and liquidity on your own terms regardless of how portals and service providers might take advantage of what you may not know.

This is the opportunity and power of technology-enabled decentralized capital markets.

Regulated Asset Information Governance

The Asset Tokenization Lifecycle Process (ATLP) is an Information Governance (IG) model that formally defines how a real-world asset is designated by a new digital, cryptographic token on a blockchain network.

Information Governance is a holistic approach to managing corporate information by implementing processes, roles, controls and metrics that treat information as a valuable business asset. The goal of a holistic approach to the Asset Tokenization Lifecycle Process is to make information assets available to those who need it, while streamlining management, reducing administrative costs and ensuring compliance. 

This, in turn, enables the organization to reduce the legal risks associated with unmanaged or inconsistently managed information and be more agile in response to a changing marketplace.

An important goal of the Asset Tokenization Lifecycle Process is to provide people with the complete body of data they can trust and easily access. Often, the need for a holistic approach to managing information does not become evident until a major event occurs such as a lawsuit, compliance audit or corporate merger.

The Asset Tokenization Lifecycle Process provides a wide range of benefits. It ensures the following:

  • whoever requires access to certain information can receive it
  • underlying data is properly managed, stored and secured
  • regulatory requirements are correctly observed, where necessary
  • risk management is in place to minimize any issues that might arise

ATLP Phased Approach

The ATLP is broken into three phases, which includes the entire lifecycle of an asset as it moves through the process of origination and Primary Offering to Secondary Market trading and transfer, through all layers of management and administration, and finally Disposition when the asset might be retired from existence. Each of the three phases are further broken into segments within each phase.