Digital Assets and Tokenized Securities are Transforming Law Practices

Distributed ledger and blockchain technology has clearly upended traditional corporate and securities law practices. The emergent technology is presenting challenges and new opportunities for law firms to define new practice areas and subject matter competencies.

Meeting the Challenges of Emerging Practices

Corporate Law

The emergence of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and token-based governance is creating new challenges for law firms. Jurisdictions are considering and adopting new laws for organization formation and governance that enable new methods of management.

How do law firms ensure they are advising their clients to pursue a sensible, rule-based approach to their digital transformation?


Tokenization of securities is a fundamental shift in transforming an entity’s ownership into complex, programmable instruments. Gone are the days of simple cap table management tools like spreadsheets or online databases.

How do securities law practices ensure their clients are maintaining regulatory compliance while leveraging the power of these new tools?


The recent cryptocurrency era has brought a lot of confusion. The same underlying technology can be implemented in ways that violate laws, or conform to law and bring efficiencies never seen.

How does counsel ensure their clients are building in a regulatory compliant manner, and abating risks inherent to the rule-making climate?

What considerations must be made in proving compliance to regulators when dealing with programmable securities and corporate governance?


Nobody wants to end up in civil or even criminal court. However, our judiciary provides for a due process to resolve disputes. An already complex process becomes even more confusing when considering the intricacies of the new technology.

How do law firms ensure a consistency with existing process for interpreting information in a meaningful way, and adhering to pre-trial discovery and records holds for decentralized data and information?

How We Help Law Firms

We provide tools for law firms and legal services to help their clients facilitate governance, risk, and compliance of records and information, workflow processes, and legal documentation for blockchain-based assets and transactions.

Practice Advisory

Our team has advised a broad spectrum of firms and practices about the intersection of the law, finance, and technology.

We have advised policy at the federal level, as well as global governments.

Our strict adherence to governance, risk, and compliance has forged our reputation as a global leader in regulated digital assets and markets.

We’re here to assist your firm and your clients in navigating the complexities.

Digital Entities & Securities

We specialize in the application of distributed ledger and blockchain technology to the formation and management of natively digital corporate entities and securities.

Our approach is rooted in ensuring the legal artifacts and evidence that enumerates an identity, entity, asset, or transaction is captured and secured in a programmable format for interoperability between institutions and government jurisdictions.

This ensures a seamless connection between traditional legal systems and the digital representations across global jurisdictions.

We power leading edge law firms and practices with the tools necessary to provide their clients with these services and solution.

Embedded Compliance

Our technology and tools ensure that compliance and reporting rules are maintained across digital networks. The automation of compliance represents a powerful shift in efficiency for corporate law, securities, and financial operations or compliance practices.

Blockchain Records

Our approach to embedding traditional records into blockchain smart contracts or tokens ensures the accessibility and provability of any associated document or metadata.

This is extremely important when attempting to attach provability of any claim to a hash value or token on a blockchain. It is also an essential advancement forward for the legal industry’s ability to provide comprehensive solutions to their clients.

Electronic Discovery for Blockchain

As more things become automated via distributed ledgers and blockchain, human readable, efficient categorization of discoverable metadata records will automate internal controls, audits, and forensic analysis.

Pretrial discovery and research under Federal Civil Rules of Procedure means legal and compliance teams must be able to access and interpret data in a meaningful way.

With the ever-increasing scrutiny of regulators, as well as the inevitability of any business or financial transaction becoming subject to a matter, we provide the link to traditional models for pre-trial discovery and analysis of records, even conforming to the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) and records hold requirements.

This gives legal practitioners great confidence that while the technology is advancing, it is still in alignment with current practice standards.

XDEX for Law Firms

XDEX is a records management blockchain oracle solution that uses a highly-specialized data catalogue index to facilitate a standards-based governance, risk, and compliance methodology for connecting archived metadata to protocol-based distributed ledger networks,

XDEX mathematically connects common legal documents and records to cryptographic encryption hashes on blockchain and/or distributed ledgers. This provides a clear, easy-to-manage path to reporting governance, risk, and compliance data that fits seamlessly within any explicitly-defined regulatory authority.

By ensuring the data proofing underneath, XDEX provides a standards-driven approach to the immutable categorization, storage, retrieval, and authentication of highly-distributed blockchain records.

XDEX enables securities and corporate law practices to directly offer clients tokenization services.

XDEX, the Extended Index

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Law Firm with 10XTS and XDEX

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