COLUMBUS, OH, April 22, 2018 — 10XTS announces a strategic partnership with early-stage venture capital firm, LOUD Capital, who has also taken an investment position in the company’s recent seed stage round.

Based in Columbus, Ohio. LOUD Capital targets portfolio investments in early-stage companies and has an active portfolio of innovative companies, as well as several industry-specific funds.

10XTS is readying the launch of their flagship product, XDEX, a fintech records management information compliance ecosystem that makes it easy for funds and early-stage companies to issue and trade regulatory-compliant blockchain tokens backed by real-world securities. Fueled by the initial coin offering explosion of 2017, the 10XTS team recognized the evolution of the coin market and anticipated the regulatory scrutiny the blockchain market is now facing.

With billions of dollars of investment going into coin offerings, the SEC and CFTC are now increasing pressure on ICO projects in the United States. The XDEX platform is designed as a happy medium between traditional securities, and coin offerings – which have proven the demand for global capital investment in early-stage projects.

“Token sales represent an opportunity for the average person to buy into a potential high growth opportunity for wealth creation. Our goal was to improve investor liquidity of traditional startup investments to reduce portfolio risk, which is one of the big reasons people love ICOs,” said Michael Hiles, 10XTS CEO, “While we still have a way to go to fully convince the regulators of the approach, we’ve been careful to ensure the system only permits trading and reporting of securities tokens in a compliant way.”

“LOUD Capital intends to leverage the opportunity as the first traditional venture capital firm partner with 10XTS to explore the tokenizing of their portfolio of funds and companies.” Managing Partner, Navin Goyal M.D. said, “We are constantly finding ways to help companies in the early stage space as well as educating investors for these exciting opportunities. 10XTS is approaching a decentralized blockchain platform with a regulatory strategy and we support this more difficult yet sustainable route.”