CINCINNATI, OH, October 9, 2017 — Today, 10XTS CEO, Michael Hiles, announced the launch of XDEX to the audience at the Techstars Cincinnati Startup Week. The audience comprised of multiple venture capital funds and portfolio managers, financial institutions, and many advanced government agencies including AFIT, the Air Force Institute of Technology and 500 Startups.

XDEX is a blockchain-based records management network protocol that helps capital markets participants attach documents and metadata about their assets and ownership positions to a hash key on a distributed ledger in anticipation of future trading and portfolio management. This can provide investors with much needed liquidity while reducing the administrative overhang and inefficient cost of data collection, transfer, & validation.

“XDEX will enable asset managers to better manage their LP funds in addition to moving all of the documentation about individual companies to a blockchain ledger”, said Hiles from the stage.

Secondary market trading is often challenged by the lack of information about the assets under consideration by a buyer.

With XDEX, 10XTS seeks to bring more transparency and efficiency to alternative assets and private capital markets.