CINCINNATI, OH, October 9, 2018 — 10XTS spent the week presenting and participating in the Techstars Cincinnati StartupWeek. Michael Hiles, CEO, gave presentations and participated on a panel discussion with Wunderfund founder & CEO, Marvin Abrinica about Regulation Crowdfunding.

Based in Southwestern Ohio, 10XTS considers its roots in the Cincinnati startup community. Hiles is also the regional director for the Founder Institute startup accelerator chapter. Based in Silicon Valley, Founder Institute is the world’s largest idea stage accelerator program operating in 200 cities globally. This week also saw the graduation of the 2018 class for the Cincinnati chapter.

The original hypothesis for 10XTS and the XDEX product was rooted in the idea of using distributed ledger blockchain technology to increase trust and transparency, grow early stage capital investing, reduce risk for investors, and increase liquidity of early stage investments.

Seed, angel, and early stage capital markets operate in silos, and are fragmented, disconnected, and on the decline. 10XTS seeks to solve this problem and create a thriving capital ecosystem by connecting all market participants through the XDEX records management blockchain ledger.