NEW ALBANY, OH, December 16, 2017 — 10XTS was invited to give “The Startup Cryptoconomy” as a TIGER Talk at Innovate New Albany in Columbus, Ohio. 10XTS CEO, Michael Hiles, presented to a record-breaking crowd. So many were in attendance, the presentation was live streamed to side conference rooms.

More capital has been committed to blockchain fundraising in 2017 than traditional early stage VC funding. ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) are raising tens, even hundreds of millions of dollars within days and even hours. This is disrupting to both venture capital investing and startup fundraising models. The Startup Cryptoconomy dives into the implications of blockchain for early stage capital and startup funding as a result of the collision between Regulation Crowdfunding and blockchain token sales.

Michael showed examples of the evolution of token offerings, and how both VC funds and startups are leveraging the crypto economy to fund new innovation and growth. He described how the demand for liquidity by early stage investors will put pressure on equity vs. token structures, as well as proposed solutions.

Innovate New Albany Executive Director, Neil Collins said, “We’re excited about the possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency and look forward to more engagement with 10XTS.”

10XTS will be introducing their XDEX platform early 2018. 10XTS is targeting the private equity, early stage capital startup, funding and VC industry for startup fundraising as a key targets for XDEX.


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