Cincinnati, OH – 10XTS, a fintech company focused on providing blockchain and digital asset solutions to enterprises, is pleased to announce its partnership with Templum Markets, a leading provider of trading technology solutions and execution services for digital securities.

The collaboration between 10XTS and Templum Markets will enable tokenized securities issuers to access secondary market trading and liquidity solutions, which is a critical need for issuers looking to unlock the full potential of decentralized capital markets. Templum Markets’ licensed ATS subsidiary offers best-in-class trading and execution services to its clients.

“We are thrilled to partner with Templum Markets and provide our clients with an unparalleled secondary market solution for tokenized securities. Templum’s expertise in trading technology and execution services is second to none, and we are confident that this partnership will significantly enhance the value proposition of our digital asset solutions,” said Michael Hiles, CEO of 10XTS.

The partnership between 10XTS and Templum Markets is expected to bring a full secondary market solution for issuer clients, enabling them to access the benefits of tokenization, including easier access to secondary market liquidity through distributed ledger technology.

10XTS and Templum Markets are presently working with several institutional level issuer clients to release projects later this year. The partnership is expected to be a game-changer in the digital asset space and bring more liquidity and transparency to the tokenized securities market.