10XTS is pleased to announce that Alex Lightman has joined the advisory board as a strategy advisor.

Alex is a futurist, author, and entrepreneur who has been active in the technology industry for several decades. He is known for his work in the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and nanotechnology, and has authored several books on these topics.

Lightman is the founder of several technology startups, including Token Communities and The Precursor Group, and has served as an advisor and board member for a number of other companies. He is also a frequent speaker and commentator on technology and its impact on society.

In addition to his work in technology, Lightman is also an advocate for sustainable energy and environmental causes. He has been involved in initiatives related to solar power and other forms of clean energy, and has worked to promote awareness of climate change and its potential consequences.

Mr. Lightman is a globally recognized Policy Advisor in the arena of international relations, high technology, job creation, social media, and telecommunications. He has provided testimony and presentations to the U.S. Congress, the Departments of State and Defense, and the Intelligence Community. He consults with promising start-ups, the Fortune 500, and government agencies.

Overall, Lightman is a prominent figure in the technology industry who has made significant contributions to the fields of artificial intelligence, blockchain, and nanotechnology, while also working to promote a more sustainable future.