We deliver a seamless portfolio of end-to-end business and technical services to help you leverage opportunities in the market and accelerate growth.

Are you really competitive?

Your customer expectations are increasingly influenced by digital user experiences. Staying competitive means planning and executing leading business strategies.

10XTS helps you maintain a competitive position in the market. We accelerate your digital innovation mandates by helping architect, develop, and implement successful data & software solutions.

We create ledger-first software and data solutions that drive automation, efficiency, and trust. From strategic road-mapping to technical implementation, our world-class team is ready to guide you towards success.

Why work with 10XTS?

We believe that “whoever understands the problem the best, wins”.

You will quickly find how our unique blend of deep capital, finance, regulatory, and extensive software & data expertise will help us understand your objectives faster and better than anyone else.

Business Services

Our business consulting services helps best leverage the evolutionary potential of financial technology.

Trying to determine the fintech opportunity for your organization? Want to understand the impact of the technology on you and your industry?

Digital-first experience and process-driven data are driving the next major phase of business transformation in capital markets and financial services.

Our business consulting services provide you with the strategic capability to best leverage the evolutionary potential of fintech.

The 10XTS team will conduct an assessment, identify ways to optimize, evaluate the marketplace for potential opportunities, and recommend a roadmap for rapid business implementation.

We will help you understand the effectiveness of each of your growth tactics, and ultimately the direct impact you can expect coming out of the bottom of your client acquisition funnel.

By designing and implementing the right information governance solution, 10XTS can help your organization achieve regulatory compliance.

Are you ready to validate your ideas and start developing your early customers? We can help you with your market validation & obtaining early traction.

10XTS will evaluate how internal and external adoption of specific technology can affect your organization’s operational and financial risks.

Leveraging our market research and situational awareness with the rapidly expanding financial world, we help identify, define, and validate your business case.

Technology Services

Do you want to launch a proof-of-concept (PoC) fintech application for your organization?

Need to implement a distributed ledger-based data solution? Want to enhance existing applications?

Launching a new startup and need product development?

10XTS specializes in software and data technology engineering. From architecture, to devops and software engineering, our team creates enterprise-grade solutions. As seasoned developers, we bring full lifecycle management to mitigate risks and ensure every project’s success.

The application of AI in financial services creates many opportunities in areas like risk analytics, fraud prevention, and in prescribing the next best action for supporting a customer.

The 10XTS team specializes in security, cloud, and devops capabilities, ensuring compliance and governance requirements are met.

The 10XTS team has extensive experience in end user productivity and business portal solutions.  We can build any type of front-end user experience to match your productivity requirements.

The 10XTS team will create a comprehensive enterprise architecture plan that includes functional and technical scope


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