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Document Uploading, Scanning, Importing, and Indexing
As part of a full solution implementation, XDEX can ingest documents out of business workflows in multiple ways.
The XDEX Advanced Search system allows network-wide searching of documents, document content, vaults, metadata, users and more.
Blockchain Ledger
The core production XDEX Network blockchain is a decentralized protocol based on Delegated Proof of Stake consensus (DPoS).
Key Management & Custody
XDEX has a robust certificate-based key management system that provides users with the ability to import and manage public and private keys for key signing and access control function.
Event Logging
XDEX logs and hashes every discreet event at every level across the network to provide immutable tracking of who did what, when, and where.
Metadata defines extended information about documents and data objects that enables powerful functions and capabilities.