The problem with current blockchain ecosystems are the gaps between the underlying blockchain technology and business transactions in the real world. Business in the real world requires more than just a blockchain transaction confirmation.

XDEX bridges these gaps by adding what’s missing — contextual information about identities, entities, assets, and transactions.

In the information governance world, we call this information “metadata,” which is “data about the data.” This metadata includes things like business information, documents, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, tax returns, accounting reports… and all the list of what goes into any given transaction between parties for anything that exists in the real world. It also includes governance rules about the details of a transaction, as well as auditing and reporting, and yes, government jurisdiction-based regulations.

Until now, there has been little emphasis on the infrastructure and management requirements of blockchain deployments, specifically the elements that relate to reliability, availability, scalability and maintainability. These are crucial factors in ensuring that the blockchain can find mainstream adoption by enterprises and mass users. Governance and quality assurance are key metrics missing from blockchain technology — mainly due to the inherent limitations of most blockchain protocols, which were never designed with the extended features necessary for enterprise adoption.

XDEX has been built to address these issues preventing blockchain from being adopted by mainstream users.

XDEX is structured to deliver greater security, efficiency, performance, and scalability. The XDEX ecosystem also leverages the efficiencies of its infrastructure to incentivize its perpetual operation and expansion. The result is a system of digital value that is built on sound principles — and ideally suited to attract mainstream enterprises and users around the world.

The vision of XDEX is the full realization of the “Internet of Trust,” in which authenticated users can create, manage, and trade all kinds of digital assets over a specialized virtual private network. What becomes possible is a world filled with border-less transactions conducted in many types of assets and completed anywhere in the world, at any time of day or night, instantaneously, securely and for virtually no cost. This is just the beginning of what’s possible with the XDEX ecosystem.

By adapting trust to the digital paradigm, we can access all of these possibilities. Trust is the currency of XDEX, and XDEX is the currency of trust. As the internet did with information, XDEX will unlock unprecedented opportunities to reorganize how we manage the world around us, and bring efficiencies to transactions.

XDEX is not just a blockchain, but an enterprise cloud ecosystem that extends the core blockchain itself with features like expert system business rule management, extended metadata storage, and API connectivity for integration into 3rd party application layers.

While the underlying core is indeed a distributed blockchain framework providing the security and immutability of a distributed token ledger, XDEX is a complete technology stack that helps enforce business and regulatory rules — ensuring enterprise level needs are met.